What are you chasing?

Are you climbing

Join the Movement: Create a ‘Rich’ Life Based On YOUR Definition of success (not your parents!)

Live a Joyful, Rich Life




Is it time to stop chasing more money, more stuff &

New Economy =New Rules & Another Way Round



Is it YOUR defintion of there more to life than chasing money, more stuff &

Are you chasing someone elses definition of success?

A life wel

Are you really living life?

Have you been ‘sold’

We are encouraged to Is it more money, more stuff & more power

Have you ever stopped to think about what life you are chasing

What is the good


what life you are chasing?



How much really is enough?

What are you chasing? How much is enough? What really matters

If you


  • You don’t need to wait until we are 65 (or more) to enjoy the good life – you can have the good life right now



the new good life:

  • Live More, Share More, Laugh More, Connect More
  • Work Less, Buy Less, Consume Less

The good life

Find work you love,

Welcome to another (we think better) way to live ‘the good life’



elcomWhat if there was another way to live the good life?


The world is changing & the good life should no longer involve


What is the good life?

One that didn’t involve


The old way: study hard, get good grades, go to university, get a good job, work hard for 35+ years & retire at 65 to enjoy the fruits of your labor (if you are physically well enough to enjoy it!)